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Director of Upward Finance

Alexandra Maubert Proniewski

Never give up !

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What is your background, Alexandra?

What is your background, Alexandra?

I left college, Sup de Co Reims, with a solid background in finance, and began my career in financial audit at Salustro Reydel, then at KPMG following the takeover.  Thrilled with this first experience, which taught me the codes of the profession, I classically had management control in mind until a great opportunity in recruitment presented itself to me.

I thus joined a renowned recruitment firm and, within several divisions, I deployed a “dual” approach, both focused on the technical aspects of the business and on the human aspect, which is at the heart of my concerns.

Firstly, in the division specialised in financial recruitment, then I co-created a unit dedicated to interim management of all leader functions. My expertise in recruitment is perfected by working with my clients on various projects in finance, HR, general management, supply…, which allows me to have an overall vision on the stakes of a company’s governance. Finally, I  created a business unit dedicated to the recruitment of C-level positions in finance and general management. This complementary experience that I built up over the years on recruitment typologies and in different environments enabled me to develop a great capacity to adapt in very demanding contexts.

However, I am convinced that a more open and market-oriented model would allow me to better meet the needs of my clients. I took up a new challenge and joined the Upward group to create the unit dedicated to finance.

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Why did you choose Upward to create your office ?

For several reasons. Many people generally think about setting up their own practice alone or in pairs, but I like the emulation of a team and the exchange of grey matter! Upward offered me the opportunity to create my own firm, within a structure that is recognised in its market, but in other professions and with the means to move forward effectively. So it’s a great roadmap to write a story starting from a blank page and brainstorming in a community !

I also chose Upward for the values it shares with me: to evolve in a very flexible environment proclaiming expertise and ambition that places people at the heart of relationships. Caring above all with an entrepreneurial DNA.

Finally for the dynamic that drives all the employees of the firm, from the founder to the intern. I like this collective spirit, which is a key value at Upward, the idea that we all work in the same direction by pooling our energy. We express ourselves and we are listened to. It’s not just words but a state of mind shared by everyone and which allows us to tailor our services to our clients and candidates with a high level of requirement.


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What is the differentiation strategy of Upward Finance on the recruitment market ?

The goal when creating Upward Finance was not to open an umpteenth office on the finance recruitment market! But to be able to develop an excellent vision of the companies microcosm to provide quality consultancy to our clients and candidates. And doing so with all Upward business units, we work together and create synergies between us.

Thus, by having a 360 degree perspective of the recruitment market and by creating a close relationship with the people we are in contact with, we can guide them on a daily basis on all of these stakes.


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What is your methodology ?

We don’t have the pretention to revolutionise the recruitment market, but by providing a tailor-made work to our clients, we assure them a service that meets their expectations. Our main objective is to work on the soft skills and by that to be able to combine personalities with expertise and a company’s DNA. We work on the long term with our clients to build with them a recruitment strategy because what is more important than being able to recruit fresh blood (un peu familier en anglais, je sais pas quoi metre à la place) in a company!

Our desire is to see our clients and our candidates grow.

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